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JQuery makes HTML document interactive, animating, event handling, and Ajax interactions for effective web development.

jQuery is designed and developed to make many tasks easy to manageable .jQuery is JavaScript toolkit which supports DOM manipulation, AJAX Support, event handling, AJAX Support, Cross Brower Support, Animations, Lightweight, Latest Technology.

It’s easy to select elements, traverse them and modify by browser open source. The jQuery offers an elegant way to capture a wide variety of events, such as a user clicking on a link, without the need to clutter the HTML code itself with event handlers. Helps to make responsive and feature full site using AJAX technology. It is a very light weighted library and also has cross-browser support, supports IE 6.0+, chrome, and Opera 9.0+.


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    Techinfinity Solutions is an IT outsourcing and website development company in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. We are located in such a town where the fresh environment and peace of mind work together enabling us to focus on our goals and perform well. 

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