CakePhp is very popular framework of php, an open source development framework.It is common platform for developers to create web applications.As an aspect to handle application,and easily handle the customization by following MVC’S principal and concept.Although the workflow is completely different to that of plain Php. No one can tell which work best.Every technology has its on feature and similarly their paradigm.

Reasons to choose CakePhp

CakePhp is most popular architecture currently on the market for building web based application. cakePhp is little easy to start with.It is framework relies on concepts of Php as an open source web application framework.It consists of objects and codes that is build for application.Also features additional classes and objects that make development in MVC easier.
Set of pre written codes in Php language. CakePhp has bunch of features which makes usable and coding friendly.First and important point is flexible licensing to it. CakePhp is comparable with all its version of Php 4 and 5 both. Easy to generate code .Another important feature is that its built in validation ,its helps viewing for AJAX, JavaScriptHTML Forms and more.

Coding Friendly
Conventional coding for configuration has huge amount of coding, Cakephp reduces the coding. allows prototype and validation idea fast application ready for a solid growth. CakePhp allow you to watch and work separately. This sounds so simple and basic but it is very effective when your work runs into several codes and gets multifarious. CakePhp does it with great responsibility and sensibility.The practice blends so well with CakePhp development that you would go on writing the whole program without even writing a single line of SQL code.