There has been big change in the industry over time to maximizing traffic to a site by improving page rank,so that it can come up on the top of the page on the top search engines.Hence in short it is a set of instructions to be followed to improve the ranking in search engine. Making it more faster and faster. Million users in a day look up to Google and other search engines to fetch the information .In such case coming on the top suggestions can be turning game for any organization. To boost up the business and bringing it up its important to improve the user experience and usability of website.

When you search on any search engine the order by which returning results are shown is based the algorithm. There are number of factors into the account to decide which page it to be shown on top and then after.

SEO is time consuming process and required skill, to create, edit and promote content on quality  writing work .If you’re looking expected result and you’re not getting it .It’s time for hiring a SEO expert for your company

What SEO experts do?

Validating Code: the code should be search engine friendly.

Structure of Site – Building a theme and URLs.

On –Page optimization –copy writing, page Title, Call to action, etc.

Quality link building- relevant sites from securing one way links.

Keyword research- Key list of key phrases relevant to your business.

Creating Quality Content – Building optimized pages terms discovered through keyword research.

Things to keep in mind while hiring a SEO Expert is to

  1. Understand nature of your website and its potential.
  2. Discuss the time frame, approach and experience.
  3. Nobody can give you guarantee to rank you on the page.
  4. Go for their work not for the fancy sites, check their site ranking  as well.
  5. Don’t go for cheap SEO but higher paying SEO will neither help .